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**Final Information** - 6 Hours of Road America


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We're not far away from the green flag in the historic second ChampCar iRacing Special Event, so I wanted to share with you all the final details and preparations for the race to that everyone has the most up-to-date information to refer to and finalise their preparations.


Entry List


Please find the entry list hereAll invites have been sent to the "HJ Events" league as specified by the sign-ups we have received so far. Please check your team for accuracy in car, number, and driver roster. If there is a driver on your roster that has not received an invite, then please let me know. I will update the status of the sheet periodically to ensure it is as accurate as possible. Please also note that there are some teams that either only have one driver registered, or have drivers that do not have iRacing accounts. If this changes, please let me know.


License Requirement


A reminder that there is a D/2.0 (License/Safety Rating) for the event on Saturday. If you are new to iRacing and still in the rookie class, don't worry! There is still time for you to complete the rookie progression and gain that road D license. 


Team Registration


All drivers for a team entry must be members of the team before the event goes live. Create the team from the "My Teams" section of the homepage and invite all your drivers to join that team. If registering for an event, a driver must be an admin for the team - I recommend making all team members admins as this will ensure anybody will be able to register the team in the event of a technical issue. Please reach out to us on Discord (link below) if you've any questions or issues, and we can help you out.


Incident Limit, Protests, and Cautions


As noted in the initial race post, there is an incident limit of 30x/10x for this event. This means that, after accruing 30x, your car will have to serve a stop-go penalty to think about what you've done. After this, every additional 10x will result in a further penalty.


We will have a live stewarding team monitoring proceedings throughout the race. If you wish to submit a protest during the race, please have a team member fill out this form to lodge a protest with race control, and they will review the incident at the next available opportunity to provide timely judgement and feedback. Please note that this protest must be received within 20 minutes of the incident in question for it to be reviewed.


The stewarding team will also have the ability to throw full course yellow flag cautions if they see a situation that warrants this. If this is the case, they will advise over the racecontrol radio channel the reason and manage all wave-arounds through this whilst the field is brought under control.


Drive Time Limit


In deference to the ChampCar roots of this event, we will be honouring the real world regulation of a maximum driver drive time of two hours (+1 lap). Although this cannot be automatically enforced, we will be paying attention during the race and can also enforce penalties post-race by examining the full results. 


Practice Race


We will host a practice session tonight via the HJ Events league. It'll be a team session with license requirements to mirror the restrictions of the race so that you can practice registering and driver changes. There'll be a short race at the end to quench any competitive desires, and there'll be an incident limit to practice being nice to each other.


Live Stream


The race will be streamed live and in entirety on the CCES Facebook and Youtube pages, and the HJ YouTube and Twitch channels linked below, with full production and commentary from the ChampCar Live and Hugh Jass crews. Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested in watching your bid for glory, and for learning more about ChampCar.


In addition, we are collecting information for use by our broadcasting crew on individual teams and drivers, so that we can be more informed when we talk about you on the stream! Please fill in the below form so that we can link your information to your team entry and make sure we know who you are!










Useful Links

Discord Server

Guide to iRacing and Hardware

How to create your own iRacing paints

iRacing Tips and Resources

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14 minutes ago, Rapido said:

As noted in the initial race post, there is an incident limit of 30x/15x for this event. This means that, after accruing 30x, your car will have to serve a stop-go penalty to think about what you've done. After this, every additional 10x will result in a further penalty.

Is it 30x/15x or 30x/10x?

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Thanks again for setting this up! We've split our drivers into 2 teams. The updated info is below. 


Team Name: On Second Thought Racing (OST #1)

Car Number: 341

Class: Cayman GT4

Drivers: Andrew Pallotta, Austin Newman, Kyle Herbst


Team Name: On Third Thought Racing (OST #2)

Car Number: 342

Class: Cayman GT4

Drivers: Todd Chapman (Todd Chapman2 in iRacing), Peter Lauzon, Will Robbins

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Sign-ups are now closed. All invites have been sent, below are the names of those that are still pending acceptance. Please note that these invitations will need to be accepted before the start of the session tomorrow in order to be able to register in a timely manner.




These are the names of drivers that signed up but do not exist in iRacing. Please let me know if this is in error.



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Regarding entry #41 there are updates:

Team Name: Mediocre Motoring

Car #: 48

Class: Miata


Evan Horner

Matt W Hill

Kyle Fegley

Troy Truglio (maybe?)

Derek Williams (the one you have marked as "No Account" username is dcwilliams001 - also maybe?)


Evan, Kyle and I (Matt) are definitely driving as a team tomorrow - we haven't had much communication from the other two so I'm not sure if the remaining Ergohazard group is still going to run.

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Invite sent to Matt. Kyle and Troy still have not accepted their invites. 


There are 4 Derek Williams on the service. None of them have the D license required for this race.




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