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iRacing Team Events - Quick Guide


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Been noticing a few questions around team events now that the special endurance events are really becoming popular. Unfortunately, iRacing lacks a centralised instruction manual or resource, so below are screenshots and comments to help walk you through the process of creating teams and registering for team events. Note that all screenshots are through the main iRacing member site and do not use the Beta UI as this is not yet fully functional/reliable.


Please note that only one team member need to this for each team - invites will then be sent to other team members as part of the process, so discuss/voluntell one member of your team to take charge of the process.


iRacing member site:




First step is to go to "My Teams" and hit "Create a Team"






Enter the name of your team and hit save:




Invite all your team members to the newly created team. They will then receive a notification via the iRacing membership site, asking them to accept the invitation:




Once your team mates have accepted the invite they will show up under "Team Members". We have found that it's a good idea to make every member of the team an admin. Only admins can register the team for team events, therefore it's good to have flexibility for registration in case of any timing or technical issues. Hit the little gear button next to the driver name and select "make admin":




Next thing to take care of is the individual customisation for cars that your team will be entering in the upcoming event. Select "Team Settings" and then "Car":




This will take you to the team customisation menu. Make sure the correct team is selected in the dropdown menu in the top left. Then, select the appropriate car that you will be entering in the event. Customise the base paint scheme if you like (even if you're using trading paints then this will ensure the appropriate colours show up in case of any TP server issues) and make sure the car number is correctly entered. Remember to hit save.




Now you're ready to go racing! The events will show up in the league sessions tab of your member site. Once the session is open for registration, the blue details box will change to a green steering wheel. Click on that to register.




Once selected, this will open the registration box. This is your first and only attempt to register correctly; anything done here cannot be undone, so it's best to double check all details. You cannot register/drive for more than one team in any session, even if the session comprises practice and a race. 


Select the team you wish to register from the first drop-down box. Then select the car this team will be driving in the event. Select "Team Members Only" and also make sure the "Also Register Me For This Session" box is ticked. Hit "Register".




Now that you're registered, it will take you to the event screen with the ability to join the open session:




Now that the team is successfully registered, your other drivers will be able to join up. To do this, go to the "My Team Sessions" page from the member site and find the appropriate team name and session in the list. Select "Join Session" and you will be registered for that team for the event. 






I hope this little guide is helpful/instructive for the newcomers to the team events. Please let me know if you have any more questions, either in this thread or the Discord, and hopefully see you on track for the next event!

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