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For those who may be considering this system, I just wrapped up installing a “Go EFI” on my tow rig, an 83 Chevy dually with a 454, replacing the Q-jet.   I bought the system a few months ago when they were on sale for around $700 which was and is still a deal.  As a part of the Swap I installed two new tanks and found some inexpensive 190lph in tank pumps  on Rock Auto (why don’t they sponsor us??).  Total price for the tanks and pumps was less than $200 delivered.


The EFI unit itself looks like a quality piece. It bolted up with no problems, although I had to be creative with the throttle linkage and it still does not quite open 100%, but for right now 97% is close enough..


easy wiring install,

Plumbing was simple using AN adapters on a late corvette fuel filter with built in regulator.  

engine started perfect first time, 

very nice power,

Drive ability is good and improving as the system learns, 

no more vapor lock (tested after idling for 45mins in the DQ drive thru, yay social distancing!!)

no more “quad bog”.  

Handheld controller is cool, almost OEM quality with regards to operation and data available.

Tune all you want.  

Really like the programmable cooling fan control.



Fuel pump relay wiring is 18 gauge wire...maybe barely enough for my stock style set-up, but if you are really drawing some amps, this won’t do.

 can’t modify wire harness without voiding the warranty.  

system does not seem to handle handle battery disconnects very well, must relearn from scratch.

Pin connector on the handheld is extremely small, I suspect it would get broken easily.  


support documentation for the System is non-existent.  Outside of the install instructions in the box you are on your own with regards to fault codes, troubleshooting  and tuning.

 The FI tech website is not useful.  They expect you to call them when you need help.  Definitely not my style..  


This system may not be for everyone.  You need to have some experience/understanding of EFI theory and operation, especially with regards to system logic and tuning.  One  small example is adjusting the idle.  When I started the engine for the first time, the idle was very low, sounded awesome but not practical.  The following day, I adjusted the idle (for which the instructions  listed in the setup guide did not match the system).  After the adjustment the engine would no longer start.  I quickly checked the Throttle Position Sensor value and saw that the value was at 2.5% instead of the idle value of 0.  A quick re-learn of the TPS solved the issue.  Not sure if everyone would know to check that, and with no readily available guidance, things might spiral down quickly.


All in all, I’m not overly disappointed in the system, but I’d be interested to know if the Holley Sniper system is better supported with regards to documentation.  There is an online forum for FITech, which some may find helpful, but I expect to rely on the manufacturer for technical support and in this case they leave a lot to be desired...




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I installed a FITech recently, the first controller wouldn't power up and as mentioned, tech info is weak. Troubleshooting was via the internet postings.


However, they were very quick to supply a warranty controller, which did power up through the USB port but I'll have to want for the customer to bring his truck back after his front and rear diff upgrade to see if it works on the truck.

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