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$10 Fiero For Sale - Seriously

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1 hour ago, Team Infiniti said:

Nope, the car had to be a runner for the ad to qualify 🙃

That's what I thought too....  until I showed up at the first race and compared notes and talked with a bunch of people....


It quickly became: it needs to be mostly complete.  Obviously, this one doesn't have an engine in that 10$ cost, so it wouldn't work anyway.


That was quite a shocker when my value went from 520 pts to 300 pts...

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9 minutes ago, Team Infiniti said:

If I would’ve use such tactics our value would be 150 points lower right now.

Yea, I did not like it....  tech actually shared some of the ads with me to lower our points value. 


It was....  bizarre. 

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I shared my ads with the other Fiero teams, they were at $400 before that. My ads brought that down considerably. I still have them just in case...


Our assigned AIV ended up at $175 for GTs. The "free" ones were apparently disallowed despite meeting criteria. And no, nun-runners weren't included in that, obviously people remember those days! :)

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