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ChampCar iRacing Special Event: Points Update


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Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the special team endurance events we have been hosting for ChampCar during this turbulent time. We have been tracking the results as we go in order to put some structure around all your efforts.


Current Standings





Points Methodology


The CCES scoring methodology used the best two results from a season to account for the cost and logistical hurdles of entering multiple events, and the fact that there was a known total number of rounds at the start of the season. The iRacing special event series is not constrained or supported by these factors in the same way, so we have tried to be flexible in putting a framework for scoring the field for an unknown number of special events.


We are using the below formula to determine the number of results that go towards a team's overall total, based upon the number of total rounds that have taken place. This way the scoring dynamic based upon the ongoing format of the championship, but will still reward sustained performance and good results across multiple events.


Results counted = ROUND(('Total events' +1)/2),0)




Currently we have had three events total, so the best two results are counted. If we are to host another event (see section below) then the results will be updated and then the best three results would be counted and totaled, and so on in accordance with this methodology. 


The best results for each team up to the total number of results to be counted (as determined by the above) are then summed and sorted lowest to highest to determine the championship standings. Ties are settled by counting the number of wins, then number of 2nd places, then 3rds, and so on to 20th place. Teams who have only competed in one event have had +50 added to their overall score due to not meeting the participation requirement.


Please note that I have tried to use the iRacing Team ID unique identifier to match results across events by team. If there are two line items (either teams or results) that represent the same entry then please let me know and I will compare the results and driver rosters and consolidate if appropriate. 


Future Rounds


Uncertainty is the buzzword for 2020 so far, and this extends to motorsport. We have enjoyed hosting these special events during a period of time that saw almost the entire country shut down, and we hope they have provided a useful and entertaining palliative in lieu of real world on track action. As the country (and ChampCar) enter the next critical phase of reopening, we don't know which events will be available, canceled, or postponed, often at the last minute. We will hope to bring you special events to replace those that do not take place as scheduled. 


The next events CCES currently scheduled for which we have iRacing alternatives available are WGI (23/24 May), COTA (13/14 June), CTMP (13/14 June), and Daytona (4 July). Whilst it is impossible to predict the future and account for differences across the country, I personally would expect COTA and Daytona to go ahead (with appropriate distancing measures in place), with WGI and CTMP being more questionable due to time sensitivity and location. As Watkins Glen is the next event on the calendar, we anticipate hosting the fourth round of the special event championship to account for this round. If the event does end up being postponed, we will host an event in it's place on 23-May. If it goes ahead, we will still look to host a race the following weekend on 30-May. Similarly, if CTMP does get canceled/postponed then we will host an event in it's place on 20-June (so as to not conflict with COTA either way), but if it does go ahead then we will not.


These events will hopefully serve as the final rounds of the special event championship, if the opening up of motorsport activities is not further impacted by any external factors. We have been discussing hosting a final round of the series in the vein of the old Chumpionship event that would take place at a later date and wrap up this series of events, but this is still under discussion and entirely dependent on the events of the next couple of months. We'll keep everyone informed of progress with respect to this planning so please keep an eye out for any announcements.


The team that does end up as the overall victor of the championship will win something to reward their endeavors; we're still working out the details of exactly what this will comprise (definitely a shiny trophy, hopefully a bit more as well) , so watch out for further details of this soon!


As ever, thank you to all the CCES community who have been participating in these events, we hope you have found them entertaining and please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any feedback or comments, either on the forum or via the Discord.

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