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I know that there is a lot of good information out there on PC builds specifically for I racing but I wanted to get your guys take on this.


I would like to upgrade my build slightly to allow for a more reliable and better experience. 

current setup:


Asrock z77 i5 3570k

Nvidia GTX 650-ti 
WD Black 1TB
Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600 C9 2X4GB clocked @ 1600 MHz
PSU -450
I am thinking of upgrading my GPU, memory, and PSU.  I am somewhat on a budget but I would prefer to not have to do this again for some time if possible so if it makes sense long term I am willing to spend a little more.
considering the following:
-GTX 1660
-Vengeance 4X8GB DDR3  or  4x4GB to save a couple bucks
-EVGA 700 BR

Thanks in advance!!
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Definitely go for the 2x8gb.  4 sticks has caused issues for me in the past.


Just go for whatever the cheapest "gold" rated PSU you can get that can cover your needs.  Though, based on this your current PSU will cover the new card and memory requirements fine.


Also, Advice

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