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FS: Miata Seats, Brackets, and 6pt Harnesses

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I'm selling my OMP Champ-R seats, PCI 1 piece seat brackets (passenger & driver), and OMP 6 point harnesses.

The PCI brackets have been modified to work with OMP seats. I did speak with PCI about the modification, and they agreed that it would be fine; the 'ears' were extended with 1/8" steel (FIA min is 3mm).

The harnesses are still within certification.

I'd like to get $850 per 'set' - so for each seat/harness/seat bracket


*edit - I'm having issues attaching photos, so if you're interested just ask & I'll send them over

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I'm interested, but a question first.  The modified seat brackets were done to fit which model Miata (I'm assuming Miata based on your name)?  I just bought a NC for track stuff and this is one of the seats I've been looking at.  I don't know if the seat brackets would still align if you did them for a NA or NB, etc...


Also, what's your location?

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Just to clarify - the modification was done on the end to mount the seat, not to fit to the car. But unfortunately for us, they were in an NA. I believe the mounting is the same for NAs & NBs, but it doesn't sound like that'll work.


Sorry, I'm in SE Michigan. Let me know if there's any other glaring omissions on my part lol

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