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Run Empty Tolerant Internal Lift Pump

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10 hours ago, LuckyKid said:


10 hours ago, Chris Huggins said:

This one is the one that fits in a E30 fuel tank with its tiny hole.



It used to be the only size/shape offered by holley for fitment on the 11mm stock pump inlet things, but as Roy posted above it looks like they have added some additional shapes.  

Wow, they didn't have any hydromats with this type of attachment a few years back. Awesome product!

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Thanks - I did find my issue.  it was a bit...  different than initially expected.   It is really really hard for the hydramat to work when it is floating around inside the other side of the

I run gss250 walbro’s   it’s a georotor Pump that’s been reliable running dry

Walbro makes a marine pump that says will run up to 4 hours dry.

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