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944: fuel cell or stock tank?


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9 hours ago, mender said:

Looks like the early 944s (1983) only had a 17.4 gallon fuel tank. How hard is it to install the later 21.1 gallon tank? Any mods needed? 

Mender I think you can do anything you set your mind to (except get the fuel rules changed 😬).  The early car has a welded cross brace in the rear below the tank from side to side.  The late car has a removable brace.  The bigger tank only works with the removable brace. You would need to change the transmission mount(s) to the later car and there are 2 additional aluminum fastening plates that you would need to add along with the body mounting points(for the plates and cross brace).  I would put a cell in it before I’d swap tanks.  Hope this helps.

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Yes, it does help, and thanks for the info.


It's for a friend/customer of mine up here, he has an LS powered early 944 track car that he wanted to put the bigger tank into. He was thinking about doing a cell later but asked me how much work the bigger tank would be to put in now. He's going to do the cell later.


The internet said basically what you said, but I prefer first hand information from people I feel I can trust. Again, thanks. :)


Now back to those fuel rules... ;)


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