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1991 Nissan SE-R Well Sorted Ready to Race SOLD

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We bought this car from a forum member and have ran it in a few of the other series in the midwest. One of our members got the itch for a miata so we have went down that rabbit hole now🙃. In our time with the sentra we added an aluminum radiator, all new calipers/master cylinder, new seat, and oil cooler. We also upgraded all the transmission parts to eliminate the issues associated with racing one of these cars.Car runs great and just completed a two day SCCA endurance weekend in 95* heat with no issue.  At Hallet car ran 1:32, Road America 2:55 with not so serious drivers. Very fun car to drive, comes with lots of spares. Located in the Kansas City area. Pic with parts is from when we bought the car. Any questions, let me know. SOLD




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More info:

The car has run in Lemons, Champcar, and WRL. In our ownership, it was run in 4 WRL events and 2 SCCA mini enduros. 
The engine is a SR20DE with a "high port" head tuned to run on 93 octane. The original craigslist ad stated it dynoed at 142whp. After we bought the car, we initially added an aluminum radiator, oil cooler, new brake calipers, master cylinder, as well as pads, rotors, pads, and fluid. Car has nx2000 brakes on it as I recall. Car is also on stock suspension as I recall(I'm not sure what kind of shocks/struts)We also changed all fluids and nut/bolted the car before our first event. Car weighed in at 2215 with a full tank of fuel. This would have been late 2017, early 2018.
 We ran our first event with the car at Road America in May of 2018. Car ran good and was fast but we encountered occasional 5th gear popouts and ended up not finishing on Sunday due to the gearbox getting jammed between gears late in the event. 
Summer of 2018, our crew chief guy(NASA tech guy) replaced all shift linkage and motor mount bushings with urethane. He also rebuilt the gearbox using a Gspec 5th gear pop out kit and all new parts as required on other wear items. We then changed to Redline Shock Proof gearbox oil and that solved all of our gearbox issues. The clutch was also replaced at this time. Also installed at this time was a new 17" aluminum seat. We also had a shop replace/redesign the door bars on the driver side for a little better protection. 
Summer of 2018 car was ran in a 6hour scca enduro at Heartland Park with no issues and finished midpack.
Fall 2018 we ran the car at Hallet in the WRL October Rush. We ended up replacing both front axles that weekend. Other than that, car ran great.
Spring 2019 we ran the car at Road America WRL. Car ran great we finished just off the podium in GP3.
I am a miata guy(have owned 3) so I bought a spec miata in July 2018 and we have campaigned that since.
Mid July of this year(2020), two of our guys raced the Nissan at another scca mini enduro at Heatland park and finished midpack each day. (75 minute races)
We would typically start each event with fresh pads, fluids, and tires.
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Forgot to mention that we installed a new fuel cell but it has yet to be plumbed and finished up. Currently car is still plumbed to the oem fuel tank which is fine but we were wanting to add a little bit of runtime. Depending on the driver, we could get 1:40-1:50 per tank of fuel.

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