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++SOLD++ 2003 Ford Focus SVT Caged, Race Ready -- San Clemente, CA

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Helping a teammate sell our 2003 Focus SVT racecar we last used in late 2019.  He has moved south of LA, doesn't have the space to keep the car and I've begun building up another car in another state for our team to use.  I've raced it at Buttonwillow and helped with it's preparation so feel qualified to co-list it. 


Summary:  Overall, the car is a solid, sorted mid-pack performer.  With our best driver, it ran 2:21s at Buttonwillow Star Mazda (track configuration #1) under racing conditions, 2:20s certainly possible.  This equates to about 2:14s on the more commonly used 13CW track configuration, but there are plenty of points available under Champ rules with which to dramatically improve speed.  It never overheats and after we fixed the notoriously bad header and aging rubber lines, it's been reliable.  It would take work to be really competitive (thought race organizers said we just suck as drivers), but it's proven to be predictable and easy to drive at the limit.  Whether racing (ie. Champ), advancing your skills (ie. HPDS), or picking up a competition license (ie. SCCA), this should serve its next owners well.  We bought the car 90% the way it is and then updated it to be Lemons (B-class) and ChampCar legal for 2019, with proper cage, fuel system, cut-off switches, interior/engine-bay fire suppression, etc.  It should also be NASA and SCCA legal (the cage certainly is), but we didn't go through those rulebooks with a fine-toothed comb.  Street legal in most US states (though not currently registered) with clear title in hand is helpful in driving the car to an alignment shop or pre-event shake-down testing.  No significant accident history.  ~99,000 miles, mostly street (with ~10 track event days).


Links to YouTube Videos (please watch for thorough overview of the car):


  • 2.0 I4 Zetec with Cosworth Technologies heads (170HP), factory 6 speed transmission
  • Engine runs well, transmission shifts smoothly
  • Auxiliary aftermarket oil cooler with stainless braided lines
  • The factory cat has been gutted, otherwise engine is stock -- Mobil 1 only
  • Timing belt replaced in 2018 (only a few track events)
  • Clutch replaced in 2018 (only a few track events since)
  • Good battery in proper safety box with clear wiring and USB power ports

  • Ford performance shocks, Eibach springs and Swaybars, camber plates
  • Carbotech pads and slotted rotors, stainless steel brake lines. Plenty of brake pad and rotor life left.
  • Sparco 17x8 wheels with late-2019 DOT-legal 245/40-17 Bridgestone Potenza RE71R 200TW tires with one track day (~5 heat cycles) before being stored in climate controlled darkness (until recently)

  • 1.75" DOM roll cage by TC Design is fantastic (full circumference, cross-braced, substantial bottom plates welded into the frame rails)
  • Momo seat (Daytona model?) -- our team members varied 5'6" to 6'1" and were all able to pass tech inspection and drive it
  • Firecharger rechargeable fire suppression system
  • New belts in 2019 (good for ~4 more years)

Other Notes:
  • Cool suit setup with controller mount on the dash and cooler for quickly changing bags during enduro events
  • It has a lot of weight reduction, many systems deleted
  • Custom aluminum dash, all of the heavy guts of the factory dash have been removed
  • No accident damage noted other than the dings noted in the video. Certainly no evidence of anything substantial.
  • Lights, turn signals, windshield wiper work.
  • Can supply some race data from our last event, including Racelogic data acquisition, so you can compare your speeds with our team's


Included Spares:
  • Various removed factory parts (e.g. rear window, wiper motor, etc.) can be sold to recoup some costs
  • Some maintenance items we pre-bought
  • Original alloy wheels with streetable (or practice only track) tires


Optional:  Not included in sale, but could be if you want to pay more and have a more complete racing setup

  • Race Keeper HDX2 data acquisition system with 2 cameras (https://www.race-keeper.com/hdx2/)
  • Racelogic VBox GPS based data acquisition system
  • Cool suit control
  • Drink holder
  • (4) fuel cans


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