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Official 2020 - AMP'd Up Duals at Atlanta Motorsports Park

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October 24-October 25, 2020
Dawsonville, GA
"AMP'd Up Duals"
Early Pay Discount Ends: August 25, 2020
Entrant List
Download Supplemental Rules and Event Info


AMP is the home of DiscoveryParts.com

Test day sponsored by DiscoveryParts.com

AMP Test Day - Final days for Tier 1 Pricing for October 23, 2020. DiscoveryParts is once again hosting the Atlanta Motorsports Park test day before the ChampCar 8+7 Enduro. All the details - https://discoveryparts.com/amp-events/3513-october-23-open-track-day-at-atlanta-motorsports-park.html


Entries for AMP'd Up Duals

Updated 9/18/2020.   Limited to 65 entries.

    Team Name Car # Year Make Model
1.   901 Motorsport 901 1990 BMW 325is
2.   901 Motorsport 903 1988 BMW 325is
3.   Almost Famous Racing 346 1999 BMW 328i
4.   AOA Motorsports 585 2010 Mazda MX-5
5.   Back Porche Racing 156 1986 Porsche 944
6.   Castrol Prefect Racing 742 1994 Lexus SC300
7.   Chump Change Racing 152 1995 BMW E-36 325
8.   Dingus 833 1990 Mazda Miata
9.   DLR 259 1992 Mazda Miata
10.   Flat on one side 127 1996 Nissan 240sx
11.   Freddie Mercury 460 1986 Mercury Capri
12.   GT 10 Racing 334 1999 Mazda Miata
13.   Honey Badger Racing 2 1999 Honda Accord
14.   Hong Norrth - Tr0nsAm2 8 1993 Mazda MX3
15.   Hooligans Racing 880 1994 Mazda Miata
16.   Hoosier Daddy Racing 946 1990 Mazda Miata
17.   Hounddogs 524 1994 Bmw 325
18.   John Allen Special 80 2007 Mini Cooper S
19.   Kelly Brothers Racing 850 1997 Mazda Miata
20.   Killer Clowns 474 2005 Ford Mustang
21.   Leviathan Motorsports 255 1991 Toyota mr2
22.   Long Dogs Racing 961 1986 Porsche 944
23.   Love Racing 647 1990 Mazda Miata
24.   Mad Fast Autosport 600 1990 Mazda Miata
25.   Momo Champ 230 1994 Mazda Miata
26.   NLS Racing 977 1993 Nissan 240sx
27.   Not Rod Lincolniata 594 1999 Mazda Miata MX-5
28.   On Second Thought Racing 341 1991 Mazda Miata
29.   RatHole Racing 888 1996 Mazda Miata
30.   Running Bulls Racing 160 1987 BMW 325is
31.   Soggy Bottom Boys 358 2005 Nissan 350z
32.   Spare Parts Racing 605 1994 Ford MUSTANG
33.   Squadron 633 1992 BMW 325is
34.   Sweetwater Racing 523 1991 Mazda Miata
35.   The StuG 46 1988 BMW 325IS
36.   The Three Thirties 339 2001 BMW 330Ci
37.   tuttle motor sports 109 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse
38.   tuttle motor sports 108 1997 mitsubishi eclipse
39.   Wankels Wankers 44 1981 Mazda RX7
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4 hours ago, Lethal Cliff said:

Whats the camping situation like at this track.  Where are the reserved camping spots at in relation to the paddock?

I don't think I've ever seen a tent at AMP 😬

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14 hours ago, Lethal Cliff said:

Whats the camping situation like at this track.  Where are the reserved camping spots at in relation to the paddock?


@Lethal Cliff,

This isn't an official answer.  But when I was loading my open trailer after the Lincoln was done a few years ago I saw a few tents in the back at one of the red circles.





On another note everybody needs to remember to paddock tight and be nice as the people that get assigned in front of the building pit stalls have to cram in behind people on the down stream side. 



Also am I a bad person for hoping that the Moonshine Festival gets canceled just because I don't want to deal with the traffic?



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21 minutes ago, Lethal Cliff said:

A tent that's funny.  My fat old ass won't be in a tent.  I should of said.  Where is motor home and campers parking in relation to the paddock?  Or do we just park the campers in the paddock?


Sorry didn't mean to offend.  I've seen campers in the paddock. Should be just fine there.  

You'll love this track.

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17 hours ago, Hunterflyy said:

Any information on how many team members are going to be allowed?  Fixing to book some rooms and need to know how many.


We do not limit the size of your team. As long a someone is listed as a driver or crew member on your team's Registration they are ok.



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