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Federal 225x45x15 595RS Tires 1 hour use

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Here is your chance to buy a set of 1 hour old Federal 225x45x15 595RS extreme performance tires. We used them for just over an hour at a track day at Autobahn

and have removed them to sell. They worked very well but we are more comfortable with RS4's. Paid just over $400 plus shipping for them and will sell them for $300.

Happy to bring them to a track if paid in advance, we will be at Gingerman, Road America and Barber yet this year.





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I have a new set. Does anybody have a story to tell about there Federal experience.  I ran a set hard for about 5 hours and held up okay until they got flat spotted. Learning lesson on how to trash tires in 15 seconds or less. Wear was even. Could have gone much longer on them it looks like. Grip okay. I like a little loose race car. Would you buy them agian?

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Nothing wrong with the Federals, they were just a looser tire then the team likes to use. Seemed to have plenty of grip just maybe some sidewall flex.

We were testing three different tires to get  an option to run if Hankooks not available as it seems to happen. 


Since we only ran them for a short time have no idea on tread wear. We talked to a team last year at Gingerman that was running them and told they were a good choice

for the dollar spent so we gave them a try.

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