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Pretty sure everyone here had a car that they missed out on or had to sell that they now wish they had a second chance at.


In chronological order of when I came across the ones that could have been fun or worth keeping:

1. 1970 Superbird for $2500 in 1974.

2. 1965 Pontiac Parisienne Custom Sport convertible with a factory 409 (Canadian car so Chev drivetrain) in 1977.

3. Sold a 1970 GTO roller with good body for $50 in 1979 to clear out some cars.

4. 1965 Ferrari 330 GT in 1982 for $11,000.

5. 1954 Kaiser Darrin in 1988 for probably less than $500 at a scrap yard.


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My mom tells the story as she was buying a used MGA in about 1963 and said they had a Cobra in the showroom.  I asked why please o please didn't you buy the Cobra lol.  She actually remembered the Cobra cost about 6K versus the used MGA at less than 2K.  Probably all the better anyway.  In two years she sold the MGA to take an overseas teaching job in Bermuda where she met my father (Navy).  She would have sold the Cobra too lol.


My dad had a 54 Austin Healey BN100 in the early 60's as well prior to his Bermuda duty transfer. I even spoke to one of his former VA65 shipmates a couple of years ago and that guy remembered the big Healey and coroborated a few of my late fathers car fun stories... I would love to have met that guy and talked some more.


Alas, mom and dad between them, three cars that I would love to have now!  Actually, we had a chance to buy another AH 100 in the middle 80's when we were picking up parts for my Triumph Spitfire from British Car Spare's in Alpharetta GA.  They had a basket and we looked hard at it, they offered it for 2K but my dad passed.  Man I could tell he really wanted that too.


I do remember looking at a TVR Griffith in the late 80's for about $3500 with no engine.....  Really wish I could have managed that one.


With all that, I've hung onto my 72 911E since I bought it in 1987.


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And here I thought there would be lots of stories about woulda, coulda, shoulda...


This last summer I was too slow responding to ads:

1. 24' enclosed trailer for $3500. I saw the ad 6 minutes after it was posted, sent a message that I was on my way and it was already sold.

2. 1995 SL600 with moderate mileage and some electrical issues for $5500. Missed that one by a couple of hours, gone of course. But I did get the 1992 600SEL for $1500 instead so not too upset. :)

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