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10 hours ago, Huggy said:

Anyone bought from this guy before?  He has 13 posts all selling transponders.  I want one but I'm not sure who he is?


@Mastiff1!  Are you a champcar member or regular participant?


Someone had almost identical posts selling a big batch of red bricks a while back, the post seem to be gone though.  Maybe a scam?


Maybe china has been listening and got into knockoff transponders.  Is there a way to test the serial numbers?  They're visible in some of the posts.

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  • ChampCar Staff


It looks exactly like the one I used to have on my car. They are pretty straight forward, power in and coded signal out. There is a way to test them, but you need a reader to do it. But, even if the signal doesn't match the code number on the side, once you roll it over the loop at a race I can tell you what the signal number is and assign it to your car.



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