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Miata Roll Cage


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Figured I would get a pretty quick answer from here but sent to ChampCar officials as well. Our team is attempting to bring back a ChampCar that we had purchsed awhile back and we wanted to know if the roll cage in the rear here would be passable through tech this year? Any direction and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 





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  • Technical Advisory Committee

I dont think those are rear down bars?  IDK what they do.  Looks like a brace between the soft top bucket/shelf and the trunk floor. 


The down bars appear to be painted white and kinda visible in the first photo?  Most miata down bars go through the soft top shelf on either side of the fuel tank and wouldn't be in the trunk at all.


They may be legal depending on what is between your down bars.  You are allowed 4 bars in behind the main hoop, 2 of which are the down bars.  These would be the other 2, unless there is an x or diagonal between the down bars, in which case you would pay extra points (1 pt per linear foot of tubing).


Personally, Id cut them out. I don't think they are useful at all.

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