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1996 Volkswagen GTI

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This is a fully sorted car that started life as an ultra-competitive ITB car on the east coast.  It was then converted to an endurance racer.  It has a 2.0 16V engine that makes 149 whp.  The trans is a 02J with a Peloquin LSD.  Bilstein shocks and coil overs all around.  The power steering was changed from an engine driven pump to an electric pump.

To aid in quicker pit stops, the hood has 2 strut rods as apposed to a prop.  It has a 15 gallon Pyrotect fuel cell that is protected by a metal bulkhead.  When you open the tail gate, the lid opens for rapid refueling.  It has a Lifeline Fire Marshall fire system with nozzles on the cell, driver and engine.  It is wired for a Cool Suit system with a container for holding the cooler.  It has a large size Kirkey road racing seat with NASA required right side head restraint.  The belts are good through 2021.

Coming with the car is a 2.0 8V engine and a 020 transmission that has a Kaaz LSD.  It will have spare axles (new), hubs, brake rotors, and about 3 tubs of misc. parts, many of them new.  It also has a spare windshield and rear glass.  The car currently is sitting on Hancook DOT-R slicks.  It comes with 5 200tw tires and 4 Hoosier H20 rain tires.  All are mounted on Kosei wheels.

This car is legal in 24 HOL (will not win Index of Effluency), SCCA, NASA, and WRL.  It has logbooks for SCCA, NASA, and WRL.  It has passed NASA annual tech for 2020.

Now for full disclosure.  Two months ago, this car was all blue.  It now has a white front end.  I banged it off of a concrete wall at Heartland Park last month.  I had a professional collision shop pull everything straight and I replaced all the bent outer sheet metal.  It is now as good as it was prior to the incident.  This is why I am asking $3200 for a car that should bring $6500.

E-mail me at wileya@sunflower.com or call 913-904-4235 if interested.

1996 Volkswagen GTI Race Car.





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