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Need a Roll Cage

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Fellow Champcar members. I think I found a bargain I should share. I just passed tech inspection at Harris Hill and Jay approved the cage structure and welds. He really liked it a lot.  I had a existing cage installed but the welds were crap and the whole cage really needed changed. What is my life worth. Well at least $750.00. Yes, piping and install in a 1986 Mustang was $750.00. Added tabs were needed for net and dash. NASCAR Bars on the driver side, dash bar and single bar on the passenger side. Darrell is a dirt track racer. Builds cars for other racers. Only has a Facebook page. Weigh your car and tell him the size of pipe. Dont get mad if he sparks your glass. He is not replacing it. He didnt do it to my car but it's a common problem with clients being just a bit to picky. For the price and quality given dont be too picky. Just a good ol boy working to race. Reference my car.


Contact is :

Destroyer Chassis

7339 Bachelor Road

Kennedale Texas 76060




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