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Official 2021 - VIR South Spring 12-Hour

Bill Strong

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March 6, 2021
Alton, VA
"VIR South"
Early Pay Discount Ends: January 5, 2021
Event Director: info@champcar.org
Entrant List
Download Supplemental Rules and Event Info


ChampCar.Live LiveStream form...


ChampCars - Call for ChampCar5 price and Registration - I believe the cost is $329 per day per car, includes all drivers.

VIR Full Course Season Opener Thursday and Friday March 4-5 2021

Thursday - March 4, 2021 / Friday - March 5, 2021



Drivers meeting

Entries for VIR South

Limited to 50 entries   Updated 3/2/2021

    Team Name Car # Year Make Model
2.   A2 RACING 178 2011 FORD FIESTA
3.   ADD Racing 962 1992 BMW 325
4.   Beer Money Wasted Racing 456 1995 BMW 325
5.   Big Pointy Teeth 116 1992 Acura Integra
6.   Bimmerline 336 2000 BMW 328
7.   Bliss Racing 432 1985 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
8.   Bliss Racing 2 243 1985 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
9.   Clear Motorwerx 491 1989 Nissan 240sx
10.   CMP Racing 253 1994 Honda Prelude
11.   Deconstruction 772 1998 BMW E 30
12.   Draper Racing 957 1986 BMW E30
13.   Finishing is Bliss 818 1986 BMW 325
14.   Flat 6 Racing 986 1997 Porsche Boxster
15.   Flat 6 Racing 987 1998 Porsche Boxster
16.   Flat on one side 127 1996 Nissan 240sx
17.   Freddie Mercury 460 1986 Mercury Capri
18.   Full Send Motorsports 660 2004 BMW 330ci
19.   Fuse 15 524 Miat 1996 Mazda
20.   Grim Creepers 514 2001 Nissan Altima
21.   MDR Motorsports 830 1993 Mazda Miata
22.   Moostang 774 1984 Ford mustang
23.   NLS Racing 977 1993 Nissan 240sx
24.   QCR Valvoline MINI 251 2006 Mini Cooper S
25.   Raceworks 329 2004 BMW 325
26.   Red Rooster Racing 468 1987 BMW 325is
27.   RVA Graphics & Wraps 153 1990 BMW 325is
28.   RVA Graphics & Wraps 511 1995 BMW M3
29.   SCW Motorsports 909 1987 Porsche 944
30.   SCW Motorsports Good Guys 900 1986 vw jetta
31.   Skidmark Racing 205 1987 BMW 325
32.   Sparrow Speed 216 1999 Mazda Miata
33.   StarT Racing 590 2002 Nissan Sentra
34.   Steadman Family Racing 920 1984 300zx nissan
35.   Tau Racing 484 1994 Acura Integra
36.   The StuG Racing 46 1988 BMW 325IS
37.   Triple R Motorsports Ranch 498 1996 BMW E36
38.   USA and HU racing 983 1995 bmw m3
39.   Valyrian Steel 988 1991 Mazda Miata
40.   We Racing 984 1993 Acura Integra
41.   Wheres John 98 1992 Acura Integra
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Tech inspection 2021 Primer

A few safety items on your ChampCar have expiration dates attached. Make certain that you inspect them before arriving to tech, that will make tech go a lot easier.


Window Net:

  • BCCR
  • All window nets shall meet SFI or FIA specifications. The certification indicated by an SFI label or FIA label must be present, including a clear “Date of Manufacture” label or, in the case of FIA labels, “Date of Expiration.” SFI nets list a year of manufacture, and ChampCar will accept them until December 31st of the fourth year from the year of manufacture. FIA nets expire on December 31st of the year of expiration sewn into net.
  • Zip-Ties and Wire-Ties are not an approved mounting method for any safety item.

Seat Nets (aka Center net):

  • No requirements for installation
  • No date requirements


Seat Belts:

  • BCCR 3.4.2.
  • All driver restraint systems shall meet SFI or FIA specifications. The certification indicated by an SFI label or FIA label must be present, including a clear “Date of Manufacture” label, or in the case of FIA labels, “Date of Expiration.” SFI harnesses list a year of manufacture, and ChampCar will accept them until December 31st of the fourth year from the year of manufacture. FIA harnesses expire on December 31st of the year of expiration sewn into harness.
  • The lap belt should swivel where mounted at chassis, shoulder belts should have collars or something to keep them from moving around on the harness bar


Driver’s Seat:

  • BCCR: 3.3.2.
  • SFI or FIA recommended
  • Non-SFI or FIA rated seats (expired rating)
  • BCCR 3.3.5
  • Mounting must be within 3” of shoulder bar or have a seat back support in place.


Fire Bottle:

  • BCCR 3.9.
  • Minimum 5 LB or 2 Liter bottle capacity – either AFFF/FE-36/NOVEC 1230 – Rechargeable systems are highly advised.
  • SFI or FIA Certification
  • On Board Fire Suppression Systems shall be inspected for recertification at least every two years after the date of original certification or as specified by the certifying manufacturer.
  • Systems shall have a maximum field service life of 6 years (SFI) or 10 years (FIA) from the original date of installation.


Fuel Cells:

  • BCCR
  • SFI-28.1 (page 2, 2.6) Service Life: The manufacturer’s certification of a Polymer Fuel Cell will expire five (5) years from the date of original manufacture, as indicated by a conformance label. If after five (5) years a Polymer Fuel Cell is determined by the manufacturer to be acceptable for continued service, a new conformance label marked with the inspection date will indicate an additional two (2) years of certification.
  • https://www.sfifoundation.com/wp-content/pdfs/specs/Spec_28.1_082517.pdf
  • FIA-FT3 – Per ATL website FAQ - under FIA rules, an approved bladder* may be returned, in its 5th year, to its manufacturer for inspection, and if warranted, up to 2 years of life extension will be granted.
  • http://atlinc.com/faqs_racing.html                                                                     *Not applicable to NASCAR bladders.


Drivers Helmet + Head and Neck Restraint Devices:

  • BCCR 3.10.
  • Undamaged, full-face, Snell Type SA2010 or newer helmet, or FIA certification is acceptable. All helmets expire 11 years after date of certification. Note: Snell Type M helmets (motorcycle) or other non-SA helmets are not rated for fire resistance and are not allowed.
  • Neck Restraint Systems / Helmet Support: An SFI or FIA approved racing neck restraint system is mandatory for all drivers.
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2021 VIR South 12-Hour


All kinds of good information here!


First, please read the Supplemental Rules here.


And, as soon as you read them, expect that there may be changes. Covid is still a thing and the regulations at VIR are evolving.


So this is probably a good time to cover the current situation. VIR is open for racing, but VIR is not open to the public. That means no one classified as a "spectator" is allowed entry. Only registered participants in the event will be allowed in. Which is actually ok, because ChampCar is not insured for spectators anyway.


What does registered participant mean? Every member of your team must be pre-registered as either a Driver or a Crewmember. Right now there is no limit on the number of persons on your crew, we are not subject to the 250 limit like we were in December. I will still a complete list of the registered participants from our system and email it to the track the day before the race. The gate security staff will validate the name of each person against this list. In short, you can bring as many personnel for your team as you need, but they must be members of ChampCar and listed on your team's Registration page.




Are spectators allowed? No.. Every person coming must be a member of ChampCar and registered with a team.


Do they have to pay for a membership? Yes. Only current ChampCar members can be added to a team's roster.


Can they buy a one-day pass at the gate? No. All members of your team must be regular members and listed in advance on your team's roster.


What about minors? Excellent question. Minors between 16-18 years old who are ChampCar members with a completed Minor Waiver and who are registered to participate can attend.


Are you new to ChampCar, new to racing, or just want a good refresher on ChampCar rules and how we run a race? Please take some time and watch our New to ChampCar video here.


Your Drivers Meeting video is here. All drivers and crewmembers going over the wall need to watch this video.


And now for something completely different.. Let's talk about Flagtronics.


The team at Flagtronics has been working hard for a while now, developing and improving the system, and we're going to take another step at this race. Flagtronics is bringing enough units to install one in every car. I'll pause while the rejoicing settles down.


How will it work? When you come through Registration you'll get a Flagtronics unit. Registration will make sure the unit ID number is recorded for your team, then you follow the directions and mount it in your car.


How do I mount it? Excellent question, it's pretty simple. Mount the unit where the driver can see it, mount the antenna where it can get signal, and plug the unit in. You'll need 12v power, either a cigarette lighter or USB plug will work. Check out page 31 of the rule book for more info.


How much does it cost? Another good question, with a great answer. Nothing. Because we are test running the system, we are loaning you the device for the race. Because people forget and drive home with things (like our Transponders) we will hold a credit card until you return the unit.


Now, for the important detail. The Flagtronics system only shows the condition of the entire track, so yes, you still have to watch the flag stations for local yellows. But, since VIR uses the Code 35 while service vehicles are on-track, the Flagtronics unit should be in use anytime we are under the Code 35.


You still need to watch the flag stations. There will be cases where Caution Flags are displayed locally. The Flagtronics system will still alert you that the Caution is coming out around the entire course. You still need to check the flag stations for details in your area (standing, waving, Code 35, White, etc).


Ok, on to the new Tech stuff.


We have been saying for a while that we are going to make the Tech form live online so teams can enter their own point values directly into their Registration. Well, that time is now and the form is live!


Team Captains you will find a new button on the main landing page when you login to ChampCar. The button labeled submit a Tech Form will take you to an online Tech Sheet. Simply complete the online version of the form just like you would for your paper form and your point values will be saved. At the track the Tech staff will simply check your safety gear and you'll be done.


Do you have to complete the online tech form? No, but we are Beta testing it and the more teams who complete it, the quicker we can trouble shoot it and make it work for everyone.


Some last things...


Please take a few minutes to review your team's registration. Checking things like membership status for each driver and your payment balance can make the check-in process go much quicker.


We've been working with our friends at Hooked on Driving to run some events together and allow ChampCar teams the chance to practice. HOD is running out of the North Paddock on Thursday and Friday. Pricing is available for ChampCar teams. If you're interested in more information, checkout HOD's website for registration details.


If you have any questions about the race please feel free to email me here.


Anything else? Wait, someone in the back is yelling something about pot stills... I'm not sure what a "pot still" is, but that reminds about Pit Stalls, your pit assignments are here.


Thanks very much!  


Your ChampCar Staff.

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Preliminary camera installs




Bimmerline BMW 2000 3258  #336
Bliss Racing 1985 Chevy Camaro Z28 #432
Wheres John 1992 Acura Integra #98
RVA Graphics & Wraps 1990 BMW 325is #153
CMP Motorsports 1994 Honda Prelude  #253
Pace Car
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