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Mike is away from a compuuter right now, so he asked me to post this for him. Bill Strong

ChumpCar had its first event ever in October 2009 in Portland, OR.  The club made its East Coast debut in March 2010 at Rockingham Speedway, and I was there racing in my 1987 Camaro.  As one might guess, that Camaro broke a lot, so I got to volunteer at those early events often.  That volunteering led to a job offer in August 2010 to be the club's first East Coast Regional Director.  From that time I have stewarded over 125 events in 10 years and been a constant presence on pit road listening to new and old club members share their thoughts. 


When the club's founder left in June 2016, I took over day to day operations for the entire club. 


In 2017 I spearheaded the club name change to ChampCar, created the annual elections and added two extra board seats.  Throughout my time here I have always had an open door policy and welcomed every member's input and criticisms.  We may not agree, but I respect every member's opinion and welcome all to participate in the greatest endurance road racing club the world has ever seen.  I may be stepping down as CEO, but I still wish to see the club continue to grow and succeed. 


As a member of our 7-person board I will support Dana Morrison as our new CEO and assist the club in all it takes to keep this organization successful.


Michael Chisek

ChampCar Endurance Series

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