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Coolant pressure switch


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8 minutes ago, turbogrill said:

How come factory engines don't have this? Seems more important than oil temp.


Only time I ruined an engine was when a coolant hose got loose and it lost pressure. Engine destruction was very quick.


Likely because in a street driven vehicle if you lose coolant it will slowly overheat.  In a racecar, it’s going to happen very quick. 

21 minutes ago, mender said:

The pressure will be slightly lower right before the water pump but I don't think it'll be an issue. 


4 psi should be fine, mine is at 3 psi and came on as soon as one of my rad hoses blew off.

Thanks.  Does the light come on when the engine is cold then? 

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Yes, that way I know it's working.


I have it hooked up to a shift light through a relay and as the engine warms up it goes from solid red to flicking to off.


Go to 6:55:


Note: no defroster or heater, just anti-fog on the inside of the windshield. 

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