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Thanks for a Great Season!!


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Champcar and HughJass,


Thanks so much for a great season!  Has been fun all the way though!  The mid season enduro's to replace the real races were a blast!  The regular season was great fun as well!  Thanks for all the work you guys put into this @Rapido , @Hugh Jass, and the rest of the Hugh Jass crew that helps with the broadcasts and all the other stuff.  @Doc Thanks for all you do to keep the iRacing side going as well.  I always look forward to my mid week break from family life to jump in the sim and race with my Champcar friends.  I hope to see more of this in the future and I hope we do a few team based enduro's as well...not that @Huggy or @Hurljohn needs anymore hardware.


From the bottom of my semi-working heart:





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Love Racing has had a ton of fun getting to participate in these races. We went from being mid-bottom pack with two of us sharing 1 rig last year to having 4 teammates with sim rigs so we could participate in the endurance races. Those enduros really taught us that overall pace does not guarantee victory and you really had to be clean and stay out of other cars/walls. Loved the multi class Racing we had. Enjoyed all the battles with the Hugh Jass guys along the way, hopefully we may finally have the pace to compete with them next year!


Really love the broadcast and always a lot of motivation to try and get on the podium. Appreciate everything you guys do and really looking forward to the new season and hopefully a few more special events.

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