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Aim solo2 DL

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4 hours ago, Chris Huggins said:

You need this

Yes, Rob, you do.


I've only had my Aim Solo at one race but have had lots of fun looking at the data. Really shows the strengths and weaknesses of both the car and the drivers. I had a really good driver in the Civic for the data session so I know the car was being pushed hard and driven very well. Looking forward to going back to that track with what I learned from the data, I probably will be up to speed with a lot fewer laps than without the Aim Solo. That driver also got up to speed quickly because of the predictive lap timer.


Found out how many gs my car can corner at with low oil level before it tosses a rod... It would be nice to be able to hook up to the ECU so I could read the engine data while that was happening. The Civic doesn't have OBDII so I couldn't but you can (and should) on your car. 

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