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Phoenix BMW team looking for members

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Fetterhund Motorsports is looking for racers in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Must be local!


A little about us. We are a new team and are rapidly nearing the end of our build (in the last 30% of the build). Joining the team now will give you a chance to have input on the finishing touches of the build and the opportunity to help test and further develop the racecar. 


The car: 1997 BMW 528i, 5-spd manual transmission, M52B28 engine. You can see our build thread on the forum under the Team Bio section. The seat in the car is a Sparco Pilot so it will work for the larger and/or taller drivers just fine, and smaller drivers may be accommodated with extra seat padding. 


Our focus is the west coast events, but intend to plan on some of the bigger east coast events as well with a goal of 5 races per year, plus practice track days, and auto-x... Drivers should expect the opportunity for a fair amount of seat time. We will be running video (planned for live streaming) and android based data collection which will be shared to all team members. 


If you are interested, drop me a message and we meet up and give you a chance to see the car!

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