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Un-Official 2021 Hallett OK

Rat Patrol

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Champcar in the Central States area! Champcar is back in the Central States this May at Hallet. I know May seems far away, but it's just around the corner. So far, I only see five entries for Hallet. Don't wait and miss the early pay discount! Champcar won't go where they aren't supported. Let's make this race a sell out so they come back next year. If you haven't raced Hallet, you need to! As a further incentive to you central states racers, here is a direct quote from Michael Chisek "If we get good attendance at Hallet in 2021, I’ll look to add Heartland Park in 2022." Can you imagine? Two Champcar races in our back yards? Also, I don't know if you have looked at entry fees, but Champcar is the most affordable of the big three 'budget racing' series. OK, I've begged enough.


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