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Decided to learn how to weld

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Figure the #1 thing that has caused me trouble on my build should the next skill I learn. I have a bunch of scraps laying around and a neighbor let me borrow his flux wire welder. 


It is more fun than I thought it would be. Some things gone better than others, but I like learning things. Going to practice this a bit more and put a gas welder 9n my shopping list.


I just have to remember to not get the gun so far from the piece, and not move too quickly.


Edit: removed broken picture


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Picture doesn't work for me.  But good for you getting started learning how to weld.  It seems not impossible, but much more difficult to build a racecar without having that resource. 


A good brand flux core welder can make some decent welds, but converting to MIG will feel like night and day.  Welds should be cleaner and less spatter.  I have a Hobart 125 MIG that I absolutely love, but I'd say if you have to weld any larger than .095" to go with a higher amperage welder. 



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Looks like you're moving a little fast and/or in just a straight line:



I'd say to move the tip in a spiral pattern, that should slow your travel speed a bit. Adjust the size of the spiral until you get the right look.

Note that heat too low and wire speed too fast looks very similar as does heat too high and wire speed too slow.


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I had some spare roll cage tubing and decided to give it a shot. I learned that the welder will trip the breaker in the garage, and tripping the breaker doesn't help make a good weld (you can probably tell in the pic where I lost power). Still gotta move slower. 


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I have a Miller MIG 110v unit that I've been dying to start learning on. But my garage has one plug and if you look at it cross-eyed it'll pop the breaker. I have an electrician friend planned to come out and run a dedicated 110 plug and a new 220 plug so I will have proper power out there. 

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