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90 Miata A class car and 24ft Hallmark trailer for sale

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1990 Miata A class (this is probably one of the oldest champcars still around, being built in 2010) Car still well under the 500pt limit. 1.6L JDM engine, Bilstien shocks, H&R race springs, Eibach swaybars, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Jackson Racing header, MBS exhaust, 1.8L brake calipers, 4.3 torsen diff, Blackbird Fabwerx rear wing, front plastic airdam, brake cooling ducts, Supermiata end links (one is bent), aluminum radiator, lights for night racing, floor drop for taller drivers, fire system (expires 2/2021), wired for cool suit system, defroster fan setup, battery box, and more I'm forgetting. Needs new fender, door, brake line, and swaybar end link from 2019 VIR 12hr incident where I put into the tire wall. Glancing hit at 42mph so no major damage. Paint job is all rattle can from Lowes. Car can come with spares and we can discuss different spare packages as we have tons and tons of spares. Asking 3k for the car plus additional spares packages.

Spares are new and used hubs, 3 sets of wheels and tires, transmission, suspension parts, and boxes of other basic parts.


Hallmark 24ft enclosed trailer with cabinets, tire rack, and shelf. 3.5k axles with a 7k limit so perfect for a miata or lighter car. Tows very well and as never let us down. Trailer has been sitting for a while and needs to be serviced. Could probably used wheel bearing service and tires are in unknown shape. Trailer is dirty from sitting near an airport for a few years but cleans up well. Also it's insulted and wired for power hook up. Plenty of additional etrack will go with the trailer. Asking 4500


Our team is changing cars and moving into a smaller, easier to manage setup. Car and trailer can be viewed by appointment only as some of the team members aren't located local to the trailer/car. If sold separately, car must sell first. This setup would be great for a new team with new drivers. Just put in some weekends of work and it's all ready to go. Our team had mostly new driver's when we started racing and it was great. This Miata was easy to race and learn with.


Car and Trailer are located just outside Richmond, VA.















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I would say all new fluids, drivers side brake line and sway bar end link, alignment, and update the fire system if the event is after when it expires. That's it other than the body work. Enough pads and tires can be bought with the spares package to keep it going through a few weekends depending on race length. Belts and window net are good for another year or more.


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Yeah, cage was built for taller drivers and extends over the windshield of the car. Also with the floor drop it comfortably fits very tall drivers. We just took a piece of scrap metal and bent it down over the cage to make a little bit of a roof. It's not pretty, but it works to keep the sun off of the driver.

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Car is still for sale along with the trailer. Price was reduced on the car to 2500, but it will be sold with the spares package for 3000 in total. I have a list for the trailer already. I would be willing to sell both together as that's a huge savings in time over anything else.


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