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2021 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Job Listing

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Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Job Listing


Reports to: ChampCar Board of Directors


Job Overview:

ChampCar is looking to recruit new members to participate on our Technical Advisory Committee. This is a volunteer group of 7 members who work together to assist Tech and the Board of Directors. The TAC has no direct decision-making authority; however, the group will make recommendations directly to Tech, the CEO, and the Board of Directors. If you consider yourself knowledgeable with cars, can collaborate with a group, and would like to help support ChampCar, this could be a great role for you!


Responsibilities and Duties:

-      Be a technical resource for Tech and the Board of Directors regarding obscure automotive information and statistics

-      Assist with reviewing VPI values and ChampCar Swap Performance values

-      Provide expertise and advice for Tech on questions submitted through the Tech Desk system

-      Assist in proofreading the BCCR

-      Collaborate with the group to provide answers/suggestions in a timely manner

-      Document and track group discussions and be able to provide the justification behind suggestions.

-      Must be willing and able to work with others and find compromise

-      Able to participate in emails and group conversations (SLACK)



-      Be an active ChampCar member for 2+ years, and maintain active membership for the duration of TAC participation

-      Expertise in at least one actively raced make/model

-      Experience building and maintaining a ChampCar is a plus

-      Database/Scripting experience is a plus


To Apply:

Submit an email describing your qualifications and reasons for desiring to join the TAC.

Emails should be sent to board@champcar.org no later than January 22, 2021.

Use the subject line "Technical Advisory Committee job"

CCES-TAC Job 2021.pdf

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