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Getting started check list

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Although not new to racing, we are starting to pull together a car to run Champcar. I have had the privilege to race one weekend (Watkins Glen - too cool!) and help out with crew a couple other times. But I guess my question is if anyone has a list or packlist so we know what we should aquire, bring and have at the pit stall etc.? I run SCCA and typically all my stuff is left at the trailer and it's a quick sprint race and then back to the trailer.


I haven't registered the team yet because the car deal is yet to be finalized. But hope to be able to get out this season for at least one event.

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I would also suggest a pit cart. This is a very popular model and it has a few benefits include a relatively high weight limit, large tires and it can be folded flat to pull larger items. 


Organize your pit stall items into storage bins or totes and size those so that you can fit 2-3 in the cart for easy transport to the pit. We use the clear bins or totes so that you can see what's inside of them. 

Another little item you might want is a small dry-erase board and a timer to keep track of stint length, pit-in/pit-out times. We use a magnetic one that sticks to the lid of our main mechanic's rolling box. 

Good luck. 

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Look in the shop, think about what you have space to fit in the trailer, bring it.


Once at the track, look at the trailer and think about what you can't fix in 20 minutes.  Leave all that behind at the trailer. 


One thing not on the list posted is a pad of paper to write down all the things you wish you had or that used up/ran out of.  It isn't what you have, it is about not being without an item twice.



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It's good to have two radios in the car. one connected to the car. and a second that the driver can use to talk to your team in the paddock if he is sitting in the tow truck. Gives you an idea of what is wrong with the car, and you can have all the hammers ready when they get the car to the paddock. Its also good to tell your driver where in the paddock or what pit space you are in. They seem to forget all that.


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1 hour ago, jmcfarland said:

In regards to the pit wagon, I remember that it is wise to find a wagon with the front wheels that turn together like a car as opposed to the traditional style. The traditional style can tip over easier.

The cart that I linked has steerable front wheels. I think most of those yard carts do unless you buy the very small ones. 

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My personal list


Pit and Paddock Equipment


EzUp canopy 10x10

pit box with hand tools

Fuel dump cans(4) Hunsaker 
fuel can wagon 

Fuel catch pan

10# fire extinguisher 

5# of oil dry

Bulk fuel storage&pump

Water storage

Jack and stands


extension cords

battery tools charged

Air compressor, hoses & tools?


Folding table 


Spare parts?


Extra wheels and tires

Transponder charged

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