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Official 2021 Mid-Ohio 8+7 - Money Shift Racing Midwestern Regional Championship

Bill Strong

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ChampCar is back at Mid Ohio!



Better brush up on words like Keyhole, Madness, and Carousel...


First, as usual, please take a few minutes to look over the Supplemental Rules here. Remember to refresh your cache so you are looking at the most current version, it should be up to Version 5 now.


So, when you cross paths with Brian Tuttle thank him. He secured your practice day Friday, and your access Thursday night. What are the details for the Friday practice? Check the Supplemental rules. We will have a drivers meeting Friday to cover some final details, but the basics are covered in the Supps, and in the video.


If this is your first race with ChampCar, welcome! We are glad to have you race with us. If this is your first time racing wheel-to-wheel ever, or it's just been a while and you want to brush up on the way we run a race please take a few minutes and watch our New to ChampCar video here.


We will have First Time with ChampCar meeting Friday afternoon, but it will help speed things up if you take the time to watch the video.


In addition to the normal pre-race drivers meetings Saturday and Sunday, we have recorded a Virtual Drivers Meeting video. Please take a few minutes and watch it here.


Camping. Yes camping is available. Additional information is in the Supplemental Rules. We do have access Thursday and overnight into Friday. Pay attention to instructions when you enter, we are not using all the paddock areas. Please setup in the areas where the Security staff directs you.



Ok, on to some Tech stuff.


We rolled out the Electronic Tech form online for the VIR race in March. So far it has worked great! If you already have a Tech form in the system, and a 2021 Annual Teach Decal, settle into your space on Friday and come visit registration.


If this is your first race of 2021, your Team Captain will find a new button link on the main login page. The tab Submit a Tech Form will take you to an electronic form that looks just like the paper Tech Inspection form. Simply fill in all the boxes at the top, then fill in or click on the listed point value items on your car. Save the form and you are done. At the track the Tech staff will simply check the required safety items on the car. Once the Tech staff clicks save on the safety portion of your online form you will get your Annual sticker and head to Registration.


Speaking of the Registration Staff...


Please take a few minutes to review your team's registration. Checking things like membership status for each driver and your payment balance can make the check-in process go much quicker.


Remember to get your Driver Safety Gear checked. Have the sticker on your helmet or the staff at pit-out will not allow you on track.


Want to get some practice time in on Friday? Well you are in luck. Tuttle Motorsports has rented the track on Friday and is offering practice time to ChampCar teams. Contact Brian Tuttle for more information here.


Wondering where you Pit and Garage Assignments are? Yeah, me too...


Your Pit Assignments are here.


Your Garage Assignments are here.



Thanks very much!  


Dana & Your ChampCar Staff.

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11 hours ago, Rapido said:

Are we running the track configuration with the chicane after T1 on both days?

I think it was in a red flag video or something that we will run the chicane one day, and no chicane (pro course) the other day. Not sure which day we are doing which. But I'm sure it will be discussed in the drivers meeting.

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2 hours ago, chip said:

@Bill Strong

where's the race results thread?  Heard there may have been some drama....




@chip my buddy found this post, I guess the series has a blog now too 

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