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VPI Penalty Laps

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Greetings all... new to this forum and the series. So exactly how does the VPI total impact the number of penalty laps? Is it time based or mileage based depending upon the track length?  It would be helpful knowing the formula when determining car select/prep to weigh the pros and cons of a particular model or upgrade. TIA .

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It's lap and race length based. There is no consideration for the lap time or track length. 

Penalty laps are assigned for TCV over 500 points and on a 10-point basis (rounds up to the next 10-point increment). The multiplier is based on the race length, 8-hour or shorter races are 1.0 times the base penalty lap assessment; 9 to 16-hour races are 1.5 times and 17-hour or longer are 2 times. So if a car is 523 points, it rounds up to 530 for 3 penalty laps in an 8-hour race, 5 in a 9 to 16-hour race (4.5 rounds to 5) and 6 laps in a race 17-hours or longer. 


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