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2021 ChampCar iRacing Series

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The schedule for the 2021 ChampCar iRacing Series has been announced. Please head over to the thread linked below for all details. 


There are still two grand prizes on offer (a race entry credit of up to $1500 that can be applied to a real-world CCES round in 2022); one will be awarded to the overall championship winner, and the other to a competitor who has competed in the series throughout the year. This means that even if you're not running at the front every week, a consistent participation effort can still lead to a big prize! There are smaller prizes to be won throughout the season, and all races will be broadcast live on YouTube.


If you have any questions about getting started with iRacing and the CCiS, please head over to the forum section and we'll be very happy to help out!






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The first round of the 2021 ChampCar iRacing Series is tonight. True to the real-world calendar, it is at a (non-snowy) Road Atlanta, and will be broadcast live on YouTube at 9:30pm Eastern. If you're curious about the series, or just want to watch some good racing, please tune in!



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