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S2000 Endurance/Sprint Race Car - GLTC ChampCar AER WRL SCCA NASA

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Listing out S2000 for sale! This car was originally built to Compete in the ChampCar/AER/WRL Endurance series but have also ran it in Gridlfe GLTC and can be run in many other classes as well! This car is built with all the best Parts and is a 500 point ChampCar! The car can also come with a Massive Spares package ( Hubs/Knuckles built already, 2 Sets of wheels, Transmission, Diffs, all control arms, and so much more)
Asking $29,000 
AEM Infinity ECU
Aim MXG with Full Sensor array
Rear C42 Stoptech Brakes
Front C43 Stoptech Brakes
Custom made Brake Ducting
Penske 2 Way Dampers Remote Reservoir 8300 (CR Shocks and Lowering springs included for Champcar)
850lbs w/ helper springs up front
700lbs rear
Valved by Guy Ankey
Switch Pros 8 Channel PDM
White Painted interior with Single stage Enamel (Auto paint not spray cans)
6 Point Tig welded Cage NASA/SCCA/Champ/GLTC Legal
Wrapped 3M Intense Blue
Mugen Hardtop
ATL Fuel Cell 15.2 Gallon Fuel cell (Included Stock Tank can be installed in addition for 28.4 Total Gallons)
Radium Surge Tank
Remote fuel Fill
Custom Rear Exhaust to meet DB limit
Jeff Evans Tune (209 Whp)
PCI Seat mount
OMP HTE full Containment seat
LifelineFire suppression System
Scroth Harnesses
OMP Quick relase Steering wheel and Hub
Wheel bearings/bushings/Hubs/ ARP Studs
Nine Lives Wing
Puddy Mod Diff Stage 2
Custom Catch Can
3x Sets of TSW Nurbrgring Wheels avaiable
ACT Clutch
Vents cut into Hood and Fenders








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