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we are running suuuuper late for our 1st champ car race. came from lemons. we had to do a last minute power plant change. we are finishing the wiring now. hoping to have it running and driving to get to tech before 6am tomorrow. is there anyone at the track that has the tools and knowledge to do an alignment at the track? 

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Tape measures and string plus four jackstands. 


You can set the camber with a weight on the string, -2 degrees camber is about 3/4" in at the top of the tire (25" diameter). After getting the front camber settings the same, set the toe at 1/8" out, using the string and the jackstands to set up two strings parallel to each other on both sides of the car, then using the tape measure to measure the difference between the front and the rear of the front tires. 1/16" per side = 1/8" total, a good place to start. 

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