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Thanks Bob Varsha !!!

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Want to send a big "Thank you" to you for coming and announcing throughout the race. The whole race not just a cameo. It looked like more than normal was viewing. His stories were great and he answered questions like the legend he is. Hope we didnt bore him too much. Seemed interested in our series and note he liked our innovate spirt. 


Ps: You know he trolls the Champcar forum all the time and will see this. 

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It was definitely great to hear him partly because I remember his voice for much of the 90's and 90's along with a few others like David Hobbs. He seemed to be getting into it as it went along, the sense of humor came out a bit as well and that also made it great. Also, I'm one who does like a bit of way back when story's as well.  I understand many don't like that stuff to outweigh the in the moment racing, but the stories do help add some historical context to the racing and maybe link the way it used to be with where we are now.


Anyway, I thought it was great and Thank you Bob for taking the time to hang out all day and drive home through the snow in Atlanta traffic!!!!! LMAO

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