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2020 ChampCar iRacing Series - Draw Winner!


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The 2021 ChampCar season is underway, and some of you tuning into the ChampCar.Live broadcast may have caught the live draw of the second winner of the 2020 CCiS season grand prize. We were very lucky this year to have the legendary Bob Varsha perform the random draw live on camera, and I have clipped the moment below:




Congratulations to Andy Cossick for winning the prize of CCES race entry credit of up to $1500! Also a reminder to the 2nd and 3rd placed championship drivers (Justin Hall and Max Lupfer) that they win physical ChampCar trophies that can be arranged to be picked up at any ChampCar events this year.


All prize winners, please reach out to Doc to arrange the details of your rewards, and thank you all for participating and supporting the series.

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Thanks to ChampCar for sponsoring this event, and Hugh Jass for facilitating all the races - making this possible.  Just like a real endurance race perseverance and luck were needed to win.  Having Bob Varsha make the announcement was a surprise bonus.


I also want to recognize all the other competitors who qualified for this award - Justin, Jay, David, Aaron, Scott, Max, Chris - glad to see you on the digital tracks for all those races.  Of the 170+ participants in the league you persevered the most.  (And Alex lol)


Going to try and get the new build done in time to make its debut at Mid Ohio in September.  If not it will go toward our race with the mighty Saturn at Nelson Ledges.


Looking forward to the 2021 CCiS season - hope to see you all out there. 

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