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Bad Obsession Motorsports / Project Binky

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A lot of you may have already heard of Bad Obsession Motorsports and their crazy project (project binky). For those who haven't though I thought I would share.

This group is stuffing a celica gt4 running gear in a original mini and doing so in spectacular fashion.  They are extremely detail oriented and have good production value when it comes to the videos. I have been following this build for 6+ years but lucky for you if you are just getting into it, they are nearly finished!

Great videos for those days you are waiting on parts to arrive for the race car.

Episode 1 link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hCPODjJO7s&list=PLGSOZAHg1yQHU1tc_3Y5MTQg1qjtxA_nq&ab_channel=BadObsessionMotorsport


They also built and raced a small Citroen C1 in the city car cup in Europe, worth a watch as well.

Link to Build and racing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkoCuKOSpeo&list=PLGSOZAHg1yQE3Ppyo414MD4xD_dx5m9sy&ab_channel=BadObsessionMotorsport

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19 hours ago, gundy said:

I have been following Binky for a couple of years, sometimes anal but always interesting. Show car quality in a rally car don't always add up.

Yeah I agree,  I am quite interested to see if they actually rally it like their original intent or now that it has 20+ coats of paint on it if its a show car only.

Some of their modifications are great and very thoughtful for a race car (easily removable front hood/fender), but some of them have me scratching my head (electric hood raising/lowering).


The "bargain racement" series was a good watch as well, seemed like they were just focused on getting a car out on track and not so much on aesthetics.

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