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2021 - Harris Hill Spring 8+7-Hour Enduro race results

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Man, what a total hit-or-miss weekend for me.  Brand new helmet I bought two weeks ago, the built in comms didn’t work.  Then in tech, my Hans needs new certification, so I couldn’t use it.  At least the helmet I borrowed came with a Hans device too.


Saturday went pretty well, except for the fuel cell pick-up leaving about 4 gals of fuel in the tank.  Still managed to work around it to finish first in B, despite the extra stop.


Sunday was full o’ fun.  Judging by the tire wear, the right front alignment was off, and getting worse.  It was a real handful to run 31’s and stay on track, and I didn’t even do that.  Had a real “OH S#@¥” moment in turn one, which allowed me to visit the grass inside of T2 and the outside of T3.  I was pointed straight the whole time, but as wet as it was, I wasn’t gonna stop fast.  Big thanks to the pack of cars behind me for not drilling me in the door!  We somehow still managed to finish 2nd in B, and 5th o/a, despite the wrestling match with the car.


Returning home, my flight out was delayed 40 mins because of weather, then after we loaded in, they discovered a loose panel latch, so that pushed us back another 25.  Barely made my connecting flight.  Got off the plane to find someone had left a nice white racing stripe on the right rear corner of my red car.  Looks pretty minor (the only gouges I can find are in the bumper cover), but still...

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We where very excited going into the race, done lots of practice and all of our drivers could do consistent 1.27-1.28s on a dry empty track. Good prep on the car and trailer was prepped. 


Saturday started great despite we suck in the rain, we where top 5 after first stint. Then it started to go south. Got a  BF for PUY but still had a got shot at class win. But then battery broke and causes all kinds of electrical issues. I normally love computers but now I have second thoughts.


Sunday started OK but  we ended up in the bottom, had a broken tail light that took too much time to fix, bent control arm and broken tire from contact, flat tire (no clue why), some other issue after second contact (hit during full course tellow :( )


Still had a great time as always!


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We had a great weekend and even got our first win on Saturday.  We were great in the rain but as it dried up we had a tough time maintaining 2 hour stints given our fuel consumption. We thought 1st was out of reach after we got a PUY at corner 5 on top of having to fuel save.  We got very lucky in that other teams either had fuel issues; car issues; and PUYs as well that let us get back into first with a decent enough lead to fuel save through the entire last stint.


Sunday the car did great and let us put down lots of laps.  Our competitors were all on their A-game today which made for some fun racing.  I got a false black flag at corner 4 during my stint but I don't think overall it affected us much as we were 2 laps down from the next position up at the end of the day.



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Driver for the #997 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.


Background: We had come close to podium potential in the past, only for some bad luck / untimely failures to hold us back. So, for this race, a lot of focus was on reliability and not so much on pushing the laptimes forward. The theory was, if we could be reasonably quick, and stay out of trouble, the podium would come to us.


I usually do the opening stints with this team, and I was not a fan of wet weather driving. But not wishing to chicken out, I took to the wheel to open the race and was rather disappointed with myself at the end of the stint. I kept it on the island, but my driving felt very tentative and overly conservative, not picking up the drying track quickly enough. Fortunately, the rest of the team (Racerfink part of it) picked up the pace well in the dry part of the race, averaging consistent 30s-31s,and even though we fought the fuel issues he mentioned and got PUY penalties, we got the class B trophy. To pay attention to the flag stations proved to be quite difficult in the wet. I really had to focus on it on Sunday to not make the same mistake twice.


I started in the wet again on Sunday, and really wanted to make amends for my Saturday's driving. Got a little braver with how much I dared in the wet, and was in no mood to let anyone past me easily. Kudos to Last Minute Racing #799, and the Touchstone guys #800 for fighting me hard and fair. I absolutely did not make it easy for them, and they gave me great entertainment on track. 2 Hours went by in a hurry, and I was incredibly happy with how the stint went, handing off the car P3 overall. Had some nice moments with the Touchstone guys post stint sharing mutual compliments on how the fight on track went. Absolutely the best part of a race weekend when I am able to talk about a good fight with the drivers afterwards.


Once the track started drying out, the car proved to be a real handful to drive with some alignment issues, which was not an issue in the slower speeds in the wet. All our remaining drivers struggled with it, and it really was a JOB to drive the car and keep it safe. Thankfully, we brought it home in one piece, P5 overall, but in no shape to fight with the Lonestar guys who were killing it with their pace.


A positive and very fun weekend overall, a great reminder of why H2R is so much fun!!!

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