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Holy tire wear Batman! Ncm was hard on tires.

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40 minutes ago, Ronh911 said:

Our new car had 225/45/15 RS4s with 5 race weekends on them before this race.  It finished the day with those same tires in 3rd place.  We would have run them on Sunday too but because our old car broke we swapped on the new 245 RS4s that were on her.  We talked to a very competitive team that said they were going to use up 3 new sets of Re71 that weekend.  They were 4s faster then us but we just don’t have that kind of tire budget available. 

If you went to fewer races you could afford those hot tahrs.

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32 minutes ago, Bandit said:

If you went to fewer races you could afford those hot tahrs.

@Bandit stays off the forum for spells , but apparently follows the series closely with some recent observations. 

When are you coming out to play man? Years ago, when I worked at Team Viper and Roush, I thought you needed a full blown racecar like a Viper or T/A car that I was around in order to have fun racing. I've built a tube frame GT3 chassis, with the intent of doing more, back when I thought you had to have a "real racecar" to go racing.


I found out soooo much different. Getting seat time out there in anything, or even coming to the races to volunteer, was a nice shot in the arm for me after building or seeing cars built for others all the time. It reminds me of something I said years ago when hopping off a friend's kid's minibike "put me on anything with a motor and I'm happy." 

@Bandit hope to see you and your stuff out there eventually, or at least coming out to enjoy the atmosphere and meet some good people. 

RA would be a good time - near you, and the V8 Mustang boys are coming up too.

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I was asked to volunteer at RA a couple months ago and plan to be there at least one day. Health issues with both parents make getting away for a long period difficult right now and RA is 3.5 hours away so driving over each day isn't in the cards.


And yes, being around race gas is like an aphrodisiac. Hopefully some cheaty cars are burning plenty.


btw-I'm a Chevy guy. (Go GBU! hah) At least the Mustang boys run V8's. 



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