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E30 m20 Muffler


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It depends on the track, but there are many solutions. A basic 2.5" system with turbo muffler and a resonator would be easy, economical, sound good, and have good performance. 

You might be able to sneak a couple more hp from 3" but it also weighs more, is harder to package, etc. 

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^^^^^^ yeah what he said but not sure I would trust a Honda driver 🙂 


Oh wait he has spent many hours in Nate's car as an E30 M20.............now a Honda again.


Man this is getting really confusing for an old guy to keep track of.

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We used 3” tubing with a single 3”x30” cheapo cherrybomb glass pack. Starts off reasonable in noise (but I don’t know a decibel figure... we never raced at a track with monitoring). Over the course of 3 events it gets gradually louder as the glass is burned out. By the time all the glass is gone you have a deafening monster (who else was at 2019 Indy???) that would have failed sound check from a mile away (but they weren’t enforcing sound at Indy).
So, this is not the route you want to go unless you like replacing mufflers frequently... I went through 3 in about 4 years. In 2018 we raced at NCM and did not have any sound violations on a new muffler. 
Napkin math says that a 2.5” exhaust would not be any less powerful than the 3”... I pushed for 2.5” but I have teammates who like loud exhaust and I was overruled. A quality 2.5” x 24” all stainless “glass pack” would be my choice if building it again. I don’t think that setup would fail sound check, but again, having not been called out for sound I don’t really know how loud is too loud. 

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