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Garmin Catalyst Rental?

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I used a Garmin Catalyst couple weeks back. Great tool and assistance getting better lap times. Easy to use. Great graphics, video recording and overlay of info (speed, time, track etc.) I want one but would only use it several times a year. Seem like too much cost for the use. Would anyone be interested in renting it from me for your testing and racing. Just wondering 


Best tool is one that is used. I lend everything out if someone needs it.

I am the block tool shed and advise. I get people stopping all the time just because of me wrenching in the drive. Young or old . Male and Female.

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A friend of mine did a review of the Garmin Catalyst, https://thesupplierblog.com/2021/03/08/track-records-galore-a-garmin-catalyst-review/.  It sounds like a great tool with a lot of potential.


One of the biggest negatives he listed was the lack of overlay on saved video.  @333 Kinkle, were you able to accomplish this?

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No, I have not been able to do the overlay yet. Working on it. FIT file on the card I need to find. While at the track I could see it all on the Garmin big screen. We changed drivers and then looked it over together to help each other.  Just down loading video and overlaying is not a problem just a little time consuming it seems. Really helped others on my team to see how fast I was going. How late to brake. Didnt really have to coach. The data and video is worth a 1000 words. They also string together the best section of your laps to make what they call an optimal lap. I posted the video with no overlays on YouTube. ""Champcar testing Hallett" was the start of all the videos. I posted 6 or 8 videos. Video is good. Sound is good. Started the day cold and knew nothing about the track. Then it rained. We still tested. Then it dried and sun came out and we picked up the speed. Fun day. Car ran well. Just have to fix a rear main seal leak and we are good to go in May at Hallett. 

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