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1990 DSM turbo Plymouth Laser champ car project

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As the title states, this was our teams 1990 Plymouth Laser that we had started preparing for Champ Car.  Due to a change in geography for one of our members we have to part ways and cut our losses.  I followed the rules to be as thorough as possible, but if you have any other questions let us know


Asking $4,500 for the car and everything included which is listed below.... 


- Quaife ATB Helical LSD (installed)

- H&R Eagle/Sport lowering springs (drops it 1.25 in front and 1.0 in rear)

- Hankook Ventus R-S4 tires (2019, 225/45R17)

- 17X8 Motegi Racing MR131 Traklite Bronze wheels

- CX racing exhaust

- CX racing front mount Inter cooler

- Energy suspension bushings

- Brakes/rotors Goodridge braided SS lines

- ACT Heavy-Duty Clutch Kit MB1-HDG6

- Fidanza 8lb Aluminum Flywheel

- 16g turbo oem upgrade

- Shifter bushing kit


The LSD was installed by Manual Gearbox LLC in Lewisburg, TN


The motor ran great when we purchased it, there was a vacuum leak from the turbo so it was underpowered somewhat when we first dyno'd it. That issue has since been fixed and a balance shaft delete kit installed.



We were told by the previous owner that the motor was rebuilt but did not receive any paper work.  It ran perfect when it was purchased.


No history of racing.


Located in Nashville, TN.  


Contact information below.


Donald a.k.a. the Mechanic 615-439-8784


Pete a.k.a. the Financier 517-960-5646


Armando a.k.a. the all around nice guy who's great at ordering food for everyone 915-526-610813.jpg.bf971ce4c72d49d356a4ee7b210e8ab2.jpg6.jpg.95d91a9964bc2b337ac929961c7c779c.jpg8.jpg.fb57c42794ca64bd4e6cc6e2820e0e51.jpg10.jpg.9725580605f2376c4846f49043d04a8d.jpg1.jpg.e1c10d49de88567deba40d6b0a3577b0.jpg2.jpg.dbb1b2cf54ae1870ad0535f74a2bf2d2.jpg11.jpg.c9488712a246227adb404929bee81e40.jpg12.jpg.b27ce7fb82ae810070fa71302abe0f9e.jpg14.jpg.675c779f13ab0d05fb1e8abf3d35af31.jpg16.jpg.25ae41f4fec6e088a824f19a49df642f.jpg20.jpg.1026da95e35aac84331ac0d8c25dd3db.jpg19.jpg.516445927ccef4381cddbd77984ba27e.jpg18.jpg.5e85ed1fe603ee7a149aee65688332fe.jpg17.jpg.5061c62ce72ec5b50b7ffeb74cf63657.jpg21.jpg.b7834551e13d8bb0c74fd973ccab3557.jpg22.jpg.773b9cdc0b87bb007a48f587adedf0aa.jpg24.jpg.35ffb76cf93b7d7e65e1ac6d214aa55f.jpg25.jpg.d7dbcd449e8728334d2ed0d19f30ce68.jpg4.jpg.6eb99ba0e129e2d334daa2436ca72d75.jpg







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