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2021 RVA Graphics & Wraps Daytona Beach 14-hour race results

Bill Strong

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46 minutes ago, Jeremylowe said:

Anyone missing a jack? Pit stall 13. Jack has #633 on it. You guys packed up and left it. I have it and can bring it to Sebring or wherever we race next. 

Roughly the same area where impound happened, I found straps in an empty battery box, and a radio case missing the primary radios, but looked like a back up and some wires. 

I turned them in.

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3 hours ago, mindspin311 said:

So will there ever be an announcement on what tech found that knocked the 1st place finisher out of first. Or we just going to keep ignoring it?

there was an internal document distributed,  and I’m told that there will be a public document posted to the website.  Based on the events of this weekend I would expect additional documents to be published as well.  Not sure what the timing will be but we have many of the employees traveling still.

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On 4/18/2021 at 7:32 PM, the5 said:

Have a chance to get that video of the boxster?


Got it.  Usual focus issues with GoPro and night filming in a RaceContour.  You can see how much the boxster sways as the banking declines, and then it starts swaying again as the banking increases after the bus stop.



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