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Radio batteries

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So this weekend we killed two more radio batteries. These are motorola VX261 radios. If you leave these radios on long enough to drain the battery to zero, it will no longer take a charge.


If you know a way to bring these batteries back to life and it saves them, I'll buy your team a round or a case of beer at the next race.

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Hook them up to a regular battery.  Hold the battery cables onto the contact points if you have to.  Once they get a base charge on them they should take a charge from the "smart" charger 


Google says they are 7.4v lithium, so you will need to find some way to put 8 volts into them at a low amperage, but not with any "smart" circuitry.


As always, with lithium batteries, this stuff is an outdoor activity

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This doesn't really answer your question, but Batteries Plus stores can assemble you a new battery that will fit if you give them the old one.  I've bought knock-off motorola batteries from them for much cheaper.


But agreed with others, the smart charger needs a bit of power to know what it is doing.  Sometimes warming the battery up will help give it just enough juice to trigger the charger.  

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