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2021 ChampCar iRacing Series: Round 5, Charlotte Motor Speedway - 4/28/2021, 5/5/2021


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We're back! The series returns to the concrete jungle of Charlotte, where the wall is just a braking error away. Please note that we are using the "Roval" config. This is slightly different to the config used by ChampCar in the real event but, as that isn't available on iRacing, we are using a config that will hopefully promote good racing and close battles with this car.


Please note - it's not too late to start racing with us! With the 4 drop weeks we factor into the series, you can still compete in this race and be eligible for full championship points and an entry to the free race draw at the end of the year. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to seeing you on the grid.


Session Details


  • Practice Round: Wednesday, 28-April-2021
  • Championship Round: Wednesday, 5-May-2021
  • Practice Start: 6:30pm ET
  • Qualifying Start: 8:30pm ET
  • Race Start: 9:30pm ET
  • Car: VW Jetta
  • Track: Charlotte Motor Speedway - Roval
  • In-Sim Session Date: Sunday, 24-April-2021
  • In-Sim Session Start Time: 2:00pm
  • In-Sim Time Multiplier: 1x
  • Weather: Auto-Generated
  • Setup: iRacing Baseline with 2.1g fuel
  • Fast Repairs: 1
  • License Requirements: Practice Rounds (None), Championship Round (>D2.0)


Useful Links

ChampCar iRacing Series - League Application

Discord Server

2021 ChampCar iRacing Series schedule

2021 CCiS Broadcast Information Form

2021 CCiS Protest Form

Guide to iRacing and Hardware

How to create your own iRacing paints

iRacing Tips and Resources

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Overall good race from my view.  Enjoyed a single digit position for most of it, and managed to extend my streak of finishing on the lead lap.  Did tag turn 6 inside wall on lap 1 luckily did not noticeably affect performance, and had a few slow downs on front straight chicane which may have cost me a couple positions. 


Still don't have a handle on why I'm so wobbly the first few laps though.  Probably need more close quarters racing experience to get past it. 


Happy to have a P9 finish and up to 11th in points. 


And for the record @David Haines the Jetta is my favorite of the cars we drive this year.  Someone likes it! 

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I too was happy overall.  I didn't qualify well (20th) and got a terrible jump on the start and lost a couple places.  Then I got bumped from behind into the bus stop on lap 1, which somehow messed up my steering.  Went straight to the pit for a quick repair and the fuel I would need to reach the end and managed to move up via pit stops to finish 11th.

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Standard iRace for me, qualy ok, wreck second lap in 6th place, motor blows between Nascar 3&4 trying not to tow.  Just make it into the pits at a solid 14mph.  Crew chief only puts in a gallon since I only did one lap.  Come back out in 27th.  Had fun running around trying to get back into any position besides dead last.  Get back to 12th and Crew chief says I need fuel....so I pop in while cussing my crew chief, ended up in 17th.  Not my year this year combined with lots of really fast folks, plus all the racers who are getting better while I'm getting slower.  

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