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Manual Steering vs Depowered steering box

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5 hours ago, mgoblue06 said:

This is French to me. I’ve been trying to read about bump steer and how to fix it, but my brain won’t compute on what it is or the geometries and how they work. I’ll eventually figure it out 

On the rack and pinion conversion you want to have the pivot point of the inner tie rod on the same imaginary line as the lower control arm, good starting point.  Adjustable steering arm at spindle and ability to raise and or lower outer tie rod helps to adjust bump steer to a minimum and adjust Ackerman. It is never perfect but it can be tuned a bit to prevent drastic changes in front geometry when the steering is turned and suspension compresses.

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31 minutes ago, wvumtnbkr said:

No reason you can't run an aftermarket rack...


Also, if you get a shorter rack, there are rack spacers that move the pivot out.  However, this will also have less throw side to side.


If I had $5000 to spend on a steering rack this is exactly what I would have. 






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