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2021 Hallett Grand Prix Results, pictures, and videos

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Hallett Grand Prix Results


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Event images

Hallett Event Images images by Tim Turner 



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I think the lack of excited, happy stories here tells it all.

Anyone that was at Hallett knows this...  lots and lots of attrition.

Track was fun.  Track staff, corner workers, and our very own ChampCar staff - all were outstanding!  Thanks to you all!

But a lot of teams left Hallett licking their wounds.  My own #20 Pure Black Racing team among them.



33 cars entered, and only 23 started on Saturday.  Some of the cars there for practice on Friday never made it to the green flag on Saturday.

I think only about 16-17 cars finished on Saturday.  We finished - but we had a broken steering knuckle, took us 2'ish hours to fix - and we finished (17th).

And even though the forecast was for rain, it was dry the entire race.



Only 22 cars started, and I think only 12-13 finished.  We had an early problem when a power steering line was dragging under the car.

We fixed that (12 min) and got back out, but then slid off track - and when coming back on - we collided with the #28 K H Motorsports Mustang.

No one was injured, we are thankful for that, and the #28 was able to get the car racing again (albeit - without a hood), but our car just

had more damage than we could fix at the track.  Pure Black's race was done at about the 1.5 hour mark.  For all the teams that were still racing,

it started raining about 3 hours in, I believe, cars spinning/sliding...  then it dried a bit, then rained some more...  very difficult conditions.


K H Motorsports - apologies from our team.  I know our driver came over to talk to you all, and I'm glad you were able to continue on.

Apologies again from Pure Black Racing.


Hallett staff and corner workers - You guys ROCK!!  I hope that you will invite ChampCar back so we can race there again.  We loved racing at Hallett!


ChampCar staff - Firstly, thank you for alerting us to the "something dragging under your car" :-).  The way our car is built, that could have locked

up our power steering pump, which would have broken our serpentine belt, which would have stopped turning our water pump - and BOOM - we

likely would have lost an engine.  So, thank you for alerting us.  And thank you, as always, for just a super smooth, well run event.  No drama -

just professional race staff.  Thanks to you all!

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The race was a success at Hallett. The 840 orange Mustang was finally getting speed and cornering. Both together this time. Never got both at the same time. This is my 4th year racing champcar. Great event, great place and great racing. I made a huge mistake on my brakes and that knocked us out for Sunday. Look everone it was such a fantastic time nothing on the forum good or bad. Loonie Tunes and Beasel Weinie had damage from off track excursions.  Wet played heck on everything. Very calm racing weekend. Hope to come back.


The 233 KH Motorsports 66 mustang seems always fast and a beautiful car. Well done race car. I started 4 years ago and they just flew past us like amatures we are. Just imagined the day I had a car like that. Our little ol Foxbody Kinkle Mustang not only slowly crept up on them lap after lap we actually passed them. Great racing with them.  Each race we get just a little better until our talent runs out. 


See everyone at the next race. It is so fun and exhausting. Need a vacation now.

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