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E30 ABS Pump Rebuild Service

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  • Technical Advisory Committee

I've started to rebuild these ABS pumps after having a failure on my car at the December race.  The failure comes from breakdown of the fluid internal to the pump.  The moisture content in the fluid can rust the steel internals of the shuttles, and the fluid "gells" in the filters and clogs things up.  My pump was so bad that with the brake line completely disconnected and 1200psi in the supply line, no fluid was coming out of the pump.


This service consists of disassembly, inspection, cleaning, and testing of all components. I've ordered a bench bleeding setup to pre-bleed and pressure test prior to delivery, as bleeding can be challenging once reinstalled into the car.


Parts are not available, so some pumps are not rebuildable, but I have a good inventory of cores to source parts from.  For this reason, I am charging a core charge to ensure my inventory of pumps is not rapidly depleted.


I have a few pumps on the shelf and can bring them to WGI next week if desired.


There are many different "versions" of the pumps, but they are all interchangeable and functionally equivalent.  The early versions of the pump end in "013" on the black tag.  The later pumps end in "040" on the black tag. The Relay's and Cover are different on the early and late pumps, and are not interchangeable.  However, if swapped in complete (with cover and relays), either pump can be used in any car.


I have two "early" pumps on the shelf ready to go.  Both are missing cover's, and one is missing the relays.  

I have plenty "late" pumps ready to be rebuilt.  I have cover's and relay's for most of these.


$400 + $100 Core, available on my Website.  Core charge waved if you send in your pump for rebuild in advance.


Rebuilt Pumps:



Gunk found in the pump during disassembly:



All the parts broken down:



Rusted solenoid shuttle that was inoperable prior to disassembly:


Sludge buildup under the solenoid valves:



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  • Technical Advisory Committee

Now that we've reached the "off season", its time to think about overdue maintenance.  This is often the most overlooked part of the braking system - and bleeding the lines won't get the sludge/gunk out.


I've done around 20 of these so far.  Every one has been gummed up and nasty inside.  It took me 4 years of racing to get around to this, and man what a difference it made in the confidence of the brakes.



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