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Check my math: Splitter, air dam, material?

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This beautiful example of craftsmanship came with the car.


Plywood is about 6' x 2.5' I'm not subtracting for radii.  Fiberglass is about 4" x 8' (I need to double check, but it's close).  My math says it's an air dam + splitter + 15 sq ft of plywood + 6 sq ft of fiberglass.  = 10+10+15+18 = 53 points.  Seems way too expensive (points)


Modify or trash it, I'm open to either...



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9 minutes ago, Chris Huggins said:

Splitter = 10

Airdam = 10


no points for material, thats part of paying for the splitter and airdam


This was my first thought as well.


@jWashburn why did you think you needed to add up materials instead of the fixed value for aero?  Is there some verbiage in the rules that are confusing and need updated ?

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Initially I thought Splitter = 10, Airdam = 10 with material unlimited and then "additional"  would have been something else.  I did the above math as a worst case scenario hoping that I was over thinking the material.


Yes, the splitter does extend a little in the back.


Thanks for the replies!

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