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What are the best cars to use?

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Brock Yates wrote in Sunday Driver that runaway rules were endemic to rule makers.


Put someone in charge of guarding a telephone pole one year and by the next there will be a security committee, secret handshakes, membership cards and dues, etc, etc, etc.


That being said, what attracted me to Chumpcar was the opportunity to race on tracks that I had only read about, and to do so without having to jump through all the hoops of club memberships, driving schools, national licencing requirements, etc.


I switched to oval track racing because of all that. Show up on Saturday afternoon at the local track with a car that met the one page rules, pay $30 entry fee and race for the evening, sometimes getting tow money and prize money at the bigger events, all in front of an appreciative crowd. Simple times, simple fun.


The local tracks are now doing endurance events but the old system of membership and licencing fees is creeping back in, started at $20 for a one event licence but now it's back up to $200 for the year. 


All this to say that it never stays simple.

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On 9/16/2021 at 1:36 PM, atxe30 said:

do you know if they run the full spec B suspension setup (x the coilover package of course)?


They do not. 


On 9/17/2021 at 1:53 PM, Will Nonnamaker said:

At Mid-Ohio, Team Sahlen ran on our used tires from the Watkins Glen Weekend.  Out of 30 hours of on track racing for the 2 days with 2 cars, we used just 1 new set of tires on the Boxsters.  The rest the weekend was spent using up tires from the Memorial Day weekend event.


Going through 3-4 sets of Half used tires Quick wearing tires (A052 or Re71r) is not that different than starting with 2 new sets of these tires. On our Boxster these tires last about 10 hours, so it would make sense after the Glen you had tires with 3-4 hour left in them. 

On 9/16/2021 at 7:38 AM, turbogrill said:

why the expensive fuel cells?



To max the capacity in 2021 Rules, 22 rules will be different.

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1 hour ago, enginerd said:

@the5 5-6k is more than triple the average fuel cell setup that teams use. Is this expense necessary for a boxster?


Somewhat, Its a super special shape to fit in the factory location. You also need to buy a 996 cup/996 extended range firewall/trunk and get that put in. You could try to fit a regular sized cell in the front trunk but that would be moving the tank forward about 4 feet.





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